The default fill_in method of Capybara is case sensitive. This is apparently due to their use of XPath. Anyhow, this seems to not be very well aligned with the entire idea of DSLs and letting non programmers write tests. After some searching i found a stack overflow problem that didn't fix my issue but anyhow… I simply used a little ruby and the capybara library to find the field myself with some case insensitive regex and the ruby detect method. Yay!


my web_steps.rb file

When= /^i enter "([^"]*)" in the "([^"]*)" field$/i do |value, fieldname|
  @thefield = all("label").detect { |l| (l.text =~ /#{fieldname}/i).nil? == false }
  if @thefield.nil? then
    raise"Couldn't find field '#{fieldname}'")
  fill_in @thefield[:for], :with=>value


Scenario: Adding a Provider
    Given I am on the "Provider List" page
    When I click the "New Provider" link
    Then I should see the "New Provider" form

    When I enter "xyz" in the "Name" field
        And i enter "/jook/test1" in the "public url" field
        And i enter "/jook/secured/test1" in the "Secure URL" field
        And I click on the "Save" button
    Then I am on the "Provider List" page
        And i can see "xyz" in the table